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Michael Jackson Voted Best Vanity Fair Cover Star of All Time

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We did it MJ Fam!

After months of voting, readers have selected their favorite 
Vanity Fair cover of all time: the December 1989 issue featuring Michael Jackson, shot by contributing photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The King of Pop faced some stiff competition. The winning issue was up against covers from over a century, ranging from portraits of classic Hollywood icons, Jazz Age illustrations, heartthrobs, and such pop queens as Lady Gaga. Robert Pattinson’s Cajun-inspired April 2011 cover came in at second place, bolstered by a zealous group of dedicated Twihards.

Other popular covers included Kristen Stewart in couture on our July 2012 issue, a sultry Marilyn Monroe on our October 2008 cover, David Duchovny’s June 1998 cover, and Audrey Hepburn’s May 2013 issue.

To honor Vanity Fair's winner, they’ve put together a slide show of important moments in Jackson’s career that led up to the 1989 cover. 

Congratualtions Michael!

You can check out the famous shots in this YouTube video.


Planned Forum Blackout In Protest Of Conrad Murray's Release

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Dear Members, 

As you are well aware, the name "Conrad Murray" will go down in infamy as the man who killed the King of Pop. Ever since the murder and his subsequent conviction for involuntary manslaughter, Conrad Murray has made quite a spectacle of himself by playing both the martyr and the victim. In his arrogance, he has elected to blame the helpless Victim for his own death rather than to assume even much as a morsel of ownership for his crime. This absence of remorse displays a callous disregard for the Victim's family, friends, fans and fatherless children that reeks with the stench of such base vulgarity as to be declared both morally incomprehensible and inhumane. 

As fans, friends and family; we have often felt powerless in our quest for justice and resolution for Michael. However; as Michael himself has taught us throughout his lifetime in both word and deed, we can reach immeasurable heights in unity and in love. It is with this thought in mind, that MJJUltimate has made a decision to close it's doors on October 28th in memory of the man who sacrificed so much of himself for others. Our Facebook and Twitter pages will black out. Our timelines and feeds will keep still. We will refrain from any public display of outrage or sorrow on the day Conrad Murray resumes his life as a free man. In loving memory of Michael, we will not deify Murray by discussing him or afford him the celebrity that he so desperately craves. In glaring contrast, MJJUltimate will observe a day of silence in quiet reflection on Michael's life and contributions to humankind -not reveling in the scandalous and unconscionable actions of the man who killed him without regret. 

In a show of solidarity, we humbly ask all other members of the fan community to be of one accord with this mission and to do the same. Violence begets violence whether in tangible actions or in intangible expressions. Let's pledge to ban together and overcome the injustice of evil with good.

May God bless you, 
The MJJUltimate Team.

Happy 55th Birthday Michael

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Today we celebrate the 55th birthday of the greatest entertainer and humanitarian of all time...
Michael Joseph Jackson. 

We love you Michael, you will forever be in our hearts.

Love your MJJUltimate family 

Thank you to all of our members who took part in this years tribute book to Michael. We love you fam 


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